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Here and There

Transdisciplinary theme: Where we are in place and time

What do we want to learn?

Central Idea: Maps are visual representations of place and help us locate where we are in relation to other places.

Key concepts: form, connection, perspective
Related concepts: place, context, location, orientation, direction

Lines of inquiry:

  • How we create maps and share information
  • Maps of place through time
  • The relationship of our location to other parts of the world
Questions to start us start thinking and inquiring:

  • What is a map?
  • How do you use maps in your everyday life?
  • How can you use a map to get from one place to another?
  • What information can you share on a map?
  • How and why are keys and symbols used on maps?
  • How does a compass work?
  • How do I know the distance shown on a map?
  • How has technology changed the way we view maps?
  • Why have maps changed over time?
  • Can you view maps from different perspectives?
  • Are there special words that describe regions of the world?

Introduction to Geography

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