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Countries of Europe

Capitol Cities of Europe

Countries of Africa



Africa Jigsaw Puzzle

Asia Jigsaw Puzzle

Asia Country Find

Australia Jigsaw Puzzle

Australia Country Find

Europe Jigsaw Puzzle

Europe Country Find

North America Jigsaw Puzzle

North America Country Find

South America Jigsaw Puzzle

South America Country Find

Name the Continents

Find the Continents

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Geography Challenge

Middle East Map Game

Test your Geography knowledge

National Geographic Map Games

Drag and Drop African Countries

Drag and Drop European Countries

Drag and Drop Asian Countries

Drag and Drop South American Countries

Drag and Drop the Countries of the World

GeoNet Game


The Countries of Africa

Rivers of Europe

European Capitols Map Quiz
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Capitals of Cantons


Neighbors of Switzerland

Bodies of Water in Switzerland

Mountain Passes in Switzerland