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Lorzenpark: Invitation to the tree planting on Thursday 25 March 2010, 11:00 clock
From Deer Park to Lorzenpark
In Teuflibach in Cham is currently building a new park. Earlier this place as deer and landscape park of Hammerguts was known. Johann Jakob Vogel (1783-1841) was the owner of the Hammerguts since 1825. In the 1830s, this area has been landscaped along the lines of what was then an English park.
Covering an area of ​​62'335 m2, which today has been a large number of old and formative trees (eg beech, ordinary planes, American oak, English oak, a rare Zöschen maple, filled flowering horse chestnut) are walking paths, wildlife hedgerows, wildflower meadows, species-rich forest edges and creates striking trees. With the new planting native trees in the foreground. The walkways are designed as in Villette with a gravel and construction of a split cover, of course. Also, two fireplaces with seating, everything worked out of the local Guber stone, benches, waste containers and other inventory will be created in the spring weeks. In the coming years, along with the second stage, also known as the "Hirzenchäller", which served as the deer accommodation, reconstructed on the basis of a photograph of 1841 brought back and repair. The Lorzenpark is freely accessible and serves the people from far and wide as a recreational area.
To mark the early completion of the leisure park will be held on Thursday 25 March 2010, 11:00 clock a tree planting with the local council instead. The public is warmly invited.

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Date 19th news March 2010


Lorzenpark - between Lorze Teuflibach and create a landscaped park
"The zoning Cham north and the planned routes - detour Cham -. Have a great impact on the landscape and recreation in the community, the habitat connectivity and in particular the wildlife corridors in which severely expanding settlement area, if not impossible. The measures in Lorzenpark are both on the needs of the population for recreation room and on-the-grade of nature and landscape protection oriented. Moreover, the ecological enhancement of an important edition of Canton as part of the rezoning in the area of ​​Cham Nord. The need after open space in residential area increase. With the increase of residents and workers in the region Teuflibach is the future an increased demand for space to be expected. With the realization of the Lorzenparks a public landscape park meadows with distinctive groups of trees, species-rich forest edges, hedges and also established footpaths. Existing remnants of the previous landscape park Hammergut be included. Markus Schuler, head of Horticulture, Municipality of Cham. "



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Explore the habitats in the park by reading http://www.lebensraeume.unr.ch/lebensraumbereiche/gruenland_naturrasen_wiesen_und_weiden_

Industrial Trail

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