MAPFrappe is a website where you can compare surface area of one place on Earth with another, using 2 Google Maps.
"This page allows you to see an outline of one part of the world overlayed on another part of the world. For example, you can sketch an outline of California in the “Reference Map” below, and then overlay the outline over Japan in the “Comparison Map.” Whatever outline you draw in the top map stays centered in the bottom map.

You need basic knowledge of Google Maps interactions to get the most out of this web page. Visit to learn more about this wonderful service."

For instance, here you can see the outline of the Great Pyramid in Egypt superimposed on ISOCS. Can you guess which is bigger, before you look?

How big is Lake Geneva compared to the Zugger Lake? or Zurich Lake? Look here to find out

What would you like to compare?

This page has a list of comparison maps other people have made. For example, click on this link to see how someone has drawn the outline of Switzerland, and put it down in Canada. I moved the comparison map, and put Switzerland over England. Click on the screen shot of my map, below to go to its page.

Screen shot of MAPfrappe