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"For those of you who are tired of Google Maps being upside down I have created this map of the world that places south at the top of the map, where it truly belongs.

It has been bugging me for a while that Google Maps insists in the mistaken belief that north equals up. As everyone who lives in the southern hemisphere could tell you south is the true up and north is really down.

Unfortunately in flipping the world the right way up I also seem to have reversed the left-right polarity. This has the effect that when you attempt to pan the map left the world moves right and vice versa.

For the best effect you should view this in Firefox as Internet Explorer and Chrome seem to be displaying the country labels upside down."

This is a screen shot of the web page. Click on this link or on the map to go to the real page, where you can zoom in. Can you find Switzerland?

Screen Shot of "Right Way Up"